Monday, July 22, 2024

Dear friend,

Picture this for a moment:

  • There’s a war going on, and you’re standing in the middle of the battlefield to fight.
  • The war isn’t going well at all. But to give up seems like a devastating option, because you think that living a worthwhile life will be impossible unless you win. So you refuse to lose, and thus: the combat continues…
  • You rally, increase your efforts, fight harder and harder… but you just can’t seem to win. You’re getting tired, worn out, almost ready to wave the white flag and give in…

Feels disheartening, doesn’t it?

So why in the world would I draw such a discouraging picture for you? Well:

Because This ‘War Zone’ Pretty Much Describes The State Of
Mind Most People Find Themselves In Every Single Day!

If you’re like most people, your mind is a bit like this battlefield… a “theater of combat” with ugly clashes against an apparently endless stream of negative thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs.

You may manage to beat back one or two of them with some affirmations, visualizations, motivational resolve, EFT, or whatever ‘trick’ is popular these days… But they either return with a vengeance, or new ones appear to take their place in the battle shortly after.

So you probably feel like you’ve picked a fight with an undefeatable army that’s hell-bent on sabotaging your life, whether it’s in terms of finance, health, relationships, emotional well-being, or all of the above.

Maybe you’ve tried the entire array of available ‘personal and spiritual growth’ and ‘manifesting’ techniques in your pursuit of what you deem to be the ‘Ultimate Victory’:

  • To finally reach your goals…
  • To enhance the quality of your life in all respects…
  • To ‘manifest’ your intents and your deepest desires into being…
  • To contribute to a better world in general…
  • And to experience the peace of mind and genuine ‘kick’ that come from any of the above…

And yet, there you are… probably still struggling with the same issues as before, despite all your best efforts and total competence to overcome them. In fact, let's be honest:

  • Isn’t it true that you’ve worked so hard to solve your problems… to win your battles… to keep an open mind… and to apply method after method… but have yet to find a real solution?
  • And isn’t it true that regardless of all the things you’ve tried and all the effort you’ve put in, that ‘war’ is really still going on in your mind and spirit… and you’re becoming thoroughly exhausted by your exertions?

Perhaps you feel at a loss – cornered by your own emotional pain and your struggle with it – just about ready to abandon all hope and give up entirely on your goals and dreams…

Deep down you know you have it in you. But you’re not sure if you can muster up another attempt after so many false promises and hopes betrayed.

Well, put away the white flag, my friend! Because I bring good news:

“A Unique Opportunity To Educate & Awaken Yourself To
The Most
Profound And Enlightening Secrets of ‘Life Mastery’ And
Self-Actualization That You’ve Probably Seen In A Long, LONG Time!”

A bold statement, I know… It may even come across a little ‘hypey’… But it’s accurate nonetheless.

Indeed, you can stop wondering:

  • “Why aren’t all those manifesting and ‘Law of Attraction’ techniques working for me?”
  • “Why can’t I ‘effortlessly attract all of my desires,’ like all those other people I’ve read about do?”
  • “Why is it so impossible for me to just ‘get over myself’ and be happy?”
  • “Why do I always feel so much negativity?”
  • “Why does everything come so hard to me?”
  • “Why can’t I be wealthy?”
  • “Why do I always attract the wrong people in my life?”
  • “Why does life have to be so difficult?”

Listen: I know why…

And better yet, I have the solution for overcoming your predicament. (And rest assured it’s not going to be another battle in that abhorrent, endless war!)

What you’re going to learn is a different game altogether. Winning and losing are no longer your only options. It’s a bit like that old 60’s slogan:

It’s about time you got some dead-honest answers. And you’ll get them here… TODAY!

“Oh my word, you are so spot on!”

“Whoo! I’ve just finished reading the first module! Oh my word, you are so spot on! It’s really helped me to understand the ‘processes’ that I’ve been through recently in my life, up until now. If only I had this information before I started! It would have made things soooo much easier for me!! HOW CAN ANYONE EVER GO BACK? And I am soooo grateful too that I got this when I did!

So thank you – from the bottom of my heart!! Thank you so much for this programme, your honesty, and for not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

Ok – I could go on quite a bit, but I think I’ve about summed it up. Can it make a difference? Yes, if you’re prepared to make the changes from within yourself. Has it made a difference? Oh yes!!!! It is worth it? More than anyone would ever know.”

Laurice Young,
South Africa

CAUTION! A Word Of Warning Before You Read Any Further:

What I’m about to tell you will probably shake you up a bit. It might even challenge the way you think about yourself and life in general. And quite likely, it’ll fly directly in the face of what you’ve previously been given as solutions to your problems.

But hey, those solutions haven’t been working out so well for you anyway, right?

You simply MUST open your mind to new ways of thinking if you ever want to understand the real universal dynamics of ‘life’ and self-actualization.

If you don’t, you’ll never break free from the virtual ‘ball and chain’ that are keeping you from creating an experience of total abundance and flow in any area of your life… whether you want that in terms of health, emotional well-being, relationships, financial success, or all of the above.

I can help you turn things around. But you’re going to need an open mind in order to make a big shift in perspective.

Here’s a new way to look at life that will explain it all for you:

Let’s start with something that may see self-evident… but stay with me, because this is really going somewhere worth your while. Remember these words:

The Life You Ultimately Create Depends
On ONE Thing, And One Thing ONLY:

How You Invest Your ‘Energy’

Ranging from the most down-to-earth business coach to the most ethereal spiritual guru – any expert with any ties to the science of psychology, success, emotional mastery, peak performance, or ‘human potential’ will attest to the same.

The truth is: deep down, everyone seeks to create a fulfilling life experience for themselves. That’s why you constantly invest your personal energy – your mind, heart and soul – into things that are meaningful to you, or that you think will produce the results you want.

Here’s a symbolic way to look at this that will clarify why you may feel stuck and how you can finally break free:

See Yourself As An ‘Energy Investment Banker’:

Let’s say that every day you’re given $100 dollars of investment capital in the form of your personal, ‘free-will’ energy (a.k.a. your ‘spirit’, your ‘life force’, your ‘power of intent’, your conscious ‘soul energy’).

  • This $100 is your budget of creative energy for the day. It’s the ‘money’ you work with on a daily basis to create your life experience. Let’s call it your ‘Creative Power Budget.’ Your job is to learn how to effectively invest it in ways that bring you
    the things and experiences you want in life.
  • By default, you’ll use up part of your budget just to make it through the day. For instance, your body performs its vital functions, you go out and buy groceries,
    you do some work, perhaps a little exercise, and so on. All of these things
    require a little energy from your budget. And what remains of it (if any), is
    readily available for you to invest as you please.


How you invest your energy in life is ultimately your choice. But each choice has a consequence:

  • If you make unwise energy investments, you’ll spend more energy than you actually have in your budget. This will ultimately have you run into ‘energy debt’ and drain you, causing you harm in various ways the long run. (<.-- More
    on this in a moment…)
  • However, if you make wise energy investments, you get the type of payoff that outweighs the energy you had originally invested. So instead of going into deficit, you’ll and up with more than you use. In other words: not only do you recoup your investment… you also generate excess funds that will now be added to your daily budget of creative energy!
  • These excess funds that you generate are called your “return on investment”.

Now stop for a moment, and let the implications of that sink in:

  • This means that with wise enough energy investments, your return on investment can become so great you can begin to live off these excess funds alone.
  • In turn, that implies that your original daily ‘Creative Power Budget’ of $100 can now stay intact. You no longer have to tap into it to make it through the day. Instead, your bases are already covered by your excess funds.
  • As a result, you feel fully energized, completely present and congruent. PLUS,
    your original $100 Creative Power Budget is now entirely and readily available for
    any new energy investments you might want to make.

So as a result, it feels easy and effortless to bring the things you want and envision into being. In other words: you’ve entered the elusive state known as ‘the flow’. Nothing drains you anymore. You’re in an ‘upward spiral’.

You can now freely invest your base $100 of creative power into pursuing new endeavors and materializing bigger goals… making them a reality without feeling that it’s costing you any energy!

Now, that all may sound nice and dandy, but you might be wondering:

  • “What if my energy investments don’t seem to pay off that way?”
  • “What if they only seem to get me more of what I don’t want, even though I’m following my coach or guru’s advice?”
  • “What if no matter what genuine effort I put into ‘thinking positively’, ‘visualizing my dreams’, and other measures I take to make ‘wise’ energy investments… I still remain stuck in my rut and feel like I’m only draining my energy capital rather than increasing it?”

If this is the case, then chances are you’re inadvertently making unwise energy investments without even realizing it.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s happening unknowingly, because as it seems, hardly any parent, teacher, no ‘success,’ ‘manifesting,’ or spiritual guru is able to clearly explain the actual mechanisms through which this energy investment game really takes place inside of you… And if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t been able to figure it out yourself yet either.

But the truth remains:

If you ever want to get the results you want, you need to be able to master the energy investment game that life really is. And if that doesn’t come naturally to you (like it does only to some people), then you can probably use a little help to understand the game’s principles, so you can then make the game work for you.

And that’s where my lesson here comes in… So let me explain how it works:

I refer to this subconscious, mental/spiritual construct as: the ‘Egg.’

I know, it seems a bit silly… But this ‘Egg’ image is only a symbolic vessel I use to give you a simple-to-understand explanation of complex, subconscious psychological processes. So stick with me…

Being locked up in your Egg is not your fault. In fact, it’s the way most people on this planet live. And most of the time, they simply accept it as their “fate.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a matter of fact, you can create your own destiny by taking control of your energy investments… including the inadvertent and subconscious ones.

First step? You absolutely MUST break out of the profoundly inhibiting construct of your ‘Egg.’ That is: you need to crack it wide open!

“Brilliant delivery in words, explanations, facts, and techniques!”

“I had been in a state of overwhelm and depression for some time. And although I was familiar with tapping, meditation, visualization, and so on for much of my adult life, most things were not very effective for the long term.

‘Crack Your Egg’ has awakened me because of your sincere and REAL writing style – sharing experiences with explanations and scientific facts that do apply for a change.

RESONATING to your brilliant delivery in words, explanations, facts and techniques, I am awakened to my stuffed, stuck emotions and unconscious beliefs… and I am now in the process of moving forward thanks to your ‘Crack Your Egg’ materials.

Please keep it coming! You make me laugh (out loud even)!!!!! Thank you sincerely!”

Laura Shipley,
Reno, Nevada

Your Egg:

What Is It, And How Does it Keep You Small?

As I said, the Egg is a metaphorical visualization that I use as an illustration of a subconscious, ‘energetic cocoon’ of sorts, which you’ve inadvertently and unknowingly cast around yourself. In this context, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Before (constricted…)
After (unstuck & free!)

So how can something as squashable as an ‘egg’ be so formadible? Well, by imprisoning you mind, that’s how. In simple terms, it does that in three ways:

  1. It distorts your perception, so that you consistently scout for “what’s wrong” and “what needs fixing” in your life, by default! Visualize your Egg as a bubble that constitutes your entire mental and emotional atmosphere. It’s sort of a veil that’s pulled over your eyes, imprisoning your mind. You typically don’t even know it’s there (because you’ve grown accustomed to its presence), much less how to escape from it.

  2. It keeps you small and sabotages all your efforts to improve and/or to break free. Your Egg sucks up your ‘Creative Power Budget’ in unwitting, wily ways that are no doubt subtle and crafty, but also counterproductive to actualizing your true intents and dreams. In fact, it steals your precious energy
    and invests it on your behalf ONLY to reinforce its own structure… thus effectively adding more,
    stronger padlocks to your mind’s prison doors.

  3. It repels positive experiences of joy and success. As a complex web of dense, low vibratory energy, your Egg constitutes an energetic ‘force field’ of sorts, which subsequently acts as a magnetic cloak that actually repels the very types of things you want to experience and draw into your life.

Obviously, if you’re not aware of your Egg, you can’t put your finger on what exactly is keeping you small in life, or why you constantly feel blocked and held back. One of my clients put it like this:

“A strange blocking energy…”

“I’ve always felt like there’s this strange energy that always seems to put up a block in whatever endeavor I seem to pursue.”

Véronique Lalouette,
South Africa

* Véronique will talk a little more in a video below…

Here’s the thing:

When your mind and spirit are locked up in your Egg, no matter what common self-help trick you apply to shift your focus – whether it’s thinking positively, affirming your power, visualizing your dreams, motivational resolve, or whatever you try…

you’re going to continue to feel some ‘elusive force’ holding you back from making the strides you’ve been aspiring to take… and you always end up with the short end of the stick.

That force or ‘uncanny energy’ is what I call the ‘Egg.’ And as you know:

Without notable results from all your efforts… let alone without knowing the source of your predicament… it’s easy to get discouraged and to settle for much less in life than you’re really capable of and genuinely deserve.

But here’s the good news:

If things don’t seem to work out as you expected or hoped for, that doesn’t mean the ‘universe’ has designated you as a victim of life. All you need to do, is to simply break OUT of your Egg.

But I bet you’re wondering: “If this is all true, how the hell did I get into this thing to start with?”

Well, hold on tight… because this might come as a surprise:

YOU Inadvertently Created Your Own Egg!
(I know you didn’t mean to. But you did.)

Curious how that may have happened?

Let me explain…

“At Last! Understand Yourself And Life Better Than Ever Before, Through This Mind-Blowing Exposé Of ‘Human Nature’!”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or if you only just got started on your journey of personal empowerment), you’ve probably heard a thing or two about an alleged “universal law of nature”
that has become popularly known as the “Law of Attraction.”

While it’s constantly referred to as a “Law”, in reality it’s more like a simplified model that “success gurus” and “spiritual sages” use to explain the effects of your inner state on your external life experience.

Now truth be told, there is validity to the concept. But there’s much more nuance to the story than what you usually get to hear.

Conversely, what I’m about to explain to you are two established, undeniable laws of nature that you MUST first understand to be able to unravel the two ongoing riddles you’ve so desperately been trying to resolve:

  • “Why can’t I seem to get my life on track?”
  • “Why aren’t the self-help and manifesting methods I’ve been trying to use working out for me, including my attempts to harness the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’?”

Well, let me tell you why:

YOU Unknowingly Created Your Own Egg Through
Two Fundamental Principles Of Nature
That You Hardly Ever Hear About!

Okay, take a deep breath… this is big stuff! Let's start with the first principle:

Universal Principle #1:
Tension Seeks Resolution

Throughout the entire universe – whether we’re talking about the tiniest cell or the most complex system or organism – the ultimate, fundamental aim of any subset of nature is to reach a state of balance that’s referred to as ‘equilibrium’ or ‘homeostasis’.

Think about it:

  • Electrical currents flow from a positive pole to a negative one, with the underlying aim to turn the tension imposed by the opposing poles into a neutral state, or ‘equilibrium.’
  • Pulling a rubber band increases its inner tension, and so its inclination is to immediately strain to recoil… back to ‘balance.’
  • Wind arises when air moves from a high pressure area to a low pressure area, with the intent to stabilize air pressure across the board.
  • When your own body becomes hot, you perspire and radiate extra heat into your immediate environment… until your body temperature reaches its homeostatic level again, which is where it’s at balance and functions best.

In short, wherever you look, tension always seeks resolution. This principle permeates all nature and the universe as we know it.

So what does this have to do with your life and trying to create the success you’re after?

Well, if you guessed ‘everything’, then you guessed right!

That’s because this particular principle of nature has actually been hard-wired into every single person’s DNA as a biological imperative… including yours! Here’s how:

Your mind and body will always motivate you to resolve tension and create stability and equilibrium in your inner and outer environment. After all, they consider ‘stability’ and the ‘absence of tension’ as close to a guarantee to durable well-being as they can get.

So whenever they detect some kind of tension or discomfort, your mind and body will encourage you to resolve it. And they’ll do so by using emotions as incentives to modify your behavior.

From this perspective, emotions are part of a system of metaphorical ‘punishment’ and ‘reward’ that basically works like this:

How Emotions Guide Your Behavior:

An emotion that feels bad (i.e. punishment) stimulates you to fight against or flee from the kind of behavior or situation that caused it. For example:

  • Money: If you think you don’t have enough money, you tend to feel insecure. This discomforting emotion motivates you to bring the situation back to balance… by finding ways to bring in more resources, or to live more simply.
  • Health: The discomfort that results from being sick serves as an incentive to seek help, or to rest and allow the body to cure itself back into a state of health and ‘balance’.
  • Relationships: The discomforting emotion of feeling unsafe in an unhealthy relationship serves as an impulse to resolve that tension… which stimulates you to choose to leave your partner, seek help, protect yourself, etc… whatever you think will bring your situation back ‘balance’.

On the other hand, an emotion that feels good (i.e. reward) stimulates you to maintain the situation or to repeat the kind of behavior that caused the good feeling. For example:

  • Money: If money isn’t an issue in your life, you feel comfortable and relaxed in this area and enjoy your assets. Or if you somehow brought in an amount of money that allowed you to enjoy a highly pleasurable levels of luxury, you may be inclined to repeat what you did, so you can then grant yourself even more luxury.
  • Health: The comfort that results from being cured of a disease you’ve been suffering from, encourages you to continue to care for yourself better and make your own health a priority in your life… and to avoid the behaviors and prevent the circumstances that contributed to your getting sick in the first place.
  • Relationships: The comfort that results from having broken up and left an unhealthy relationship stimulates you to avoid the attitudes and behavior that got you into that mess to begin with.

This is really nothing new:

Human beings have been subject to this ‘tension-seeking-resolution system’ since the dawn of mankind. It’s the legacy of our ancestors on this planet, imprinted in our DNA.

And don’t get me wrong… because throughout the ages, it has been an extremely useful system. In fact, it’s still invaluable in many respects…

But as opposed to our ancestors millennia ago, in our more ‘sophisticated’, modern society… letting yourself be led purely by the unconscious drive to resolve tension is NOT the way to gain the psychological, spiritual and material progress and fulfillment you seek. In fact, it may unknowingly and inadvertently keep you from it!

To understand why, you must also be aware of Universal Principle #2:

Universal Principle #2:
Energy Travels Along The
Path of Least Resistance

In all of nature, energy always flows where resistance is minimal.

Consider the following illustrations of this principle:

  • Imagine a river:
    The structure of rocks, sand and grooves in a riverbed imposes resistance to the flow of the water. That’s why water flows around rocks and through grooves that are already laid out. In other words, it seeks out the path where resistance is minimal.
  • Now picture the wind:
    Wind doesn’t blow through trees, cars or buildings, does it? Instead, it travels between, above, and around them.
  • Finally, think of electricity:
    As any physicist will confirm, electrical flow always moves along the path of least resistance. This applies universally, ranging from simple devices like light bulbs to the complex circuitry found in today’s sophisticated computers and mobile devices.

Basically, all energy throughout nature and the entire universe as we know it is inclined to take the easier route.

So guess what: YOU are designed to do so too!

Because just like your inner-drive to ease tension, this second principle of nature has been hard-wired into your DNA as well. In this case, it’s encoded in the form of a subconscious learning process called ‘habituation.’

Hear me out on this real quick, so I can connect the dots for you… A great example of habituation is learning how to read:

When you first started reading, you had to learn individual letters and be conscious of each of them to read a word. That’s why you had to invest significant attention into your new activity and focus your energy intently on achieving your goal of reading fluently.

Now to contrast, consider the words I’ve written for you here:

  • Right now, you’re reading these words without much effort at all, aren’t you? Of course, the subject matter may require some mind-bending… but my point is that reading has become sort of an automatic habit.
  • So the energy you used to have to expend on the activity when you were first learning it is now back in your ‘Creative Power Budget’. And as such, it’s readily available for you to refocus and invest it in other pursuits.

So in summary, the beauty of habituation is this:

  • It allows your body and subconscious mind to support your growth and ability to thrive in life.
  • Your mind creates fixed patterns of least resistance for activities you perform regularly, so that you can simply run them ‘on autopilot’ without having to invest a lot of your conscious energy into them.
  • This way, the energy you used to have to spend on performing your regular activities is returned to your ‘Creative Power Budget’… and you can now reinvest it as you please.

Now okay: so far, so good… All of this is fine and swell… UNTIL this fundamental wiring of yours begins to work against you in the pursuit of your spiritual and material goals and dreams!

And this is where we get into the big insights you’ve been waiting for. Because if you’re like most people, here’s what happens :

Your ‘Fundamental Wiring’ Inadvertently STEALS And Channels Your Precious Energy Into ‘Unwise Investments’ That Bring You The Very Opposite Of What You Really Want!
“I’ve gone much broader and deeper than before…”

“I was aware I had limiting beliefs holding me back from progressing with what I consider to be my life's work. So when ‘Crack Your Egg’ became available I ordered it immediately.

Over December 2011 and January 2012, I worked through the program with very positive results. I'm on my right path now and giving it my all. Even though I already practiced a different healing and releasing modality (EFT), the Crack Your Egg Program widened my awareness and guided me safely to go much broader and deeper than before.

I love the way the author explains the program in everyday language that really speaks to me. He gets to the core of the matter from a deep knowledge base, which in my case tips me into true belief and this then allows the system work for me.

Not only that, when I ran into a technical issue and later on had questions, these were quickly and helpfully answered. I recommend the Crack Your Egg Program completely and without reservation.”

New Zealand

Here’s the problem you and I face:

  • Who wasn’t told, at one point, that they weren’t good enough? Who hasn’t been flat-out rejected… either by a grade-school crush, or a company CEO, or a loan officer? Who hasn’t had to scrape themselves off the floor after another failure and come up with a new plan or another way to do the same thing better?

    I know I have… Many others have experienced much worse…
  • Every single human being has experienced moments when emotion was really strong, whatever the reason for it was. The true story behind it doesn’t even really matter. It could have been something unpleasant a person said to you, something discomforting someone did to you, or something disconcerting you’ve seen or even only imagined happening.
  • Whatever it was… and regardless of whether it was fear, rejection, resentment, guilt, loss of control, rage, or anything else that you felt… and no matter how trivial it may now seem in retrospect… past and present emotional overwhelm can have a major impact on your life – often a much bigger one
    than you might realize!

It can happen any time and any number of times… but it most often occurs when you’re already vulnerable. This is especially true when you’re a young kid and haven’t yet built the psychological resources to cope with high-impact situations.

So here’s the crux:

While in reality you may not have been in any danger with these difficult situations at all, your brain may still have interpreted them as somehow threatening to your overall well-being and safety.

And triggered through your ‘fundamental wiring’, your brain will then instigate a very intense negative emotional rush that cues you to do whatever you can to lift the tension you’re experiencing as quickly as possible.

(That’s what you’re ‘hard-wired’ to do, remember? “Tension seeks resolution.” It’s in your DNA.)

So it doesn’t even matter whether the situation you’re experiencing is actually as threatening as you FEEL it is:

If your mind simply believes that a situation is excessively hostile, it emits a surge of emotion that’ll leave a permanent ‘bruise’ on your system… an ‘emotional scar’ of sorts that serves two purposes:

  1. To remind you of the tension you experienced.

  2. To keep you alert in the future so to avoid and prevent situations that may even potentiall cause similar tension.

Psychology, neuroscience and biology sometimes refer to such ‘bruises’ as “imprints” or “engrams.” I call them “Egg Marks.”

‘Egg Marks’ Are Subconscious Decisions That Your Own Mind Installs
To Influence How You Think, Feel, and Act For The Rest Of Your Life!

They’re immutable cues that stimulate thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior that are designed to prevent and resolve the same type of tension you experienced before.

Now are you starting to see how crucial this is? Think about it:

Due to these ‘Egg Marks’, the majority of your desires are not true, independent aspirations of your very own creation. Instead, they’re driven by your deeply-imbedded urge to resolve or prevent the emotional tension that’s imprinted in your system in the form of your Egg Marks!

In fact, from the moment they’re installed, you’ll use them as the very basis to measure your happiness, success, and fulfillment in life. And you’ll do so based on the degree to which you feel you’ve solved your problems! As such:

Rather Than Being Deeply Invested In Your True Goals And Dreams Like You Think You Are, In Reality Your Entire Life
Now Revolves Around Your Innermost ‘Emotional Scars’…
And You May Not Even Realize It!

While you may think you’re “focused on the positive” and on actualizing your true desires, your implicit focus is really on past emotional discomfort and on eliminating the circumstances that cause the type of tension you desperately want to avoid!

Are you starting to see the light here? Even though you may think you are, you’re not embodying your ultimate aim to create or ‘manifest’ whatever it is you genuinely want at all! Instead, you’re subconsciously putting your energy into avoiding and preventing what you DON’T want.

And because THAT’s where you’ll subconsciously invest your energy, that’s exactly what you’ll create more of in your life!

Think about this deeply:

Even if your initial urge is genuine, each time you think of pursuing a new desire, endeavor, project, or experience… you repeatedly go through subconscious, involuntary evaluations induced by your Egg Marks that go something like:

While this evaluation takes place subconsciously and involuntarily… you may experience this on a conscious level in the form of (more or less paralyzing) inhibiting convictions, thoughts, feelings, and apparently rational justifications for not fully investing yourself in actualizing your pursuit. For instance, you find yourself thinking:

  • “I can’t do this … I’m not good enough.”
  • “I don’t want to … it feels like too much work.”
  • “I’m scared of trying that … what if I fail?”
  • “I don’t have the time…”
  • “I don’t deserve that…”
  • “Money is the root of all evil anyway…”
  • “I really shouldn’t…”
  • “What will people think?”
  • Etc.

These are just tricks and justifications induced by your mind to avoid and prevent the type of tension imprinted through your Egg Marks. And here’s the real kicker:

Contrary to popular belief, such ‘negative thoughts’ and ‘limiting beliefs’ are not the ultimate source of what’s keeping you small and in a constant state of war with your own thoughts and feelings. They’re really all just surface issues. They’re only symptoms of a deeper, underlying cause.

Try as you might to change these surface symptoms and limiting beliefs with all kinds of psychological tricks, self-help methods, and motivational resolve. But if you don’t do anything about the fundamental breeding ground from which they grow, you’ll never make enduring changes.

For that, you MUST eliminate your Egg Marks – the very ‘energy sources’ of your Egg.

So with all the effort you’ve poured into improving yourself, your beliefs, your thinking, and into working toward your goals… now you understand why you’re not getting the results and success you’ve been waiting for. It’s because…:

You Constantly Give Away Your ‘Creative Power’!

You hand it over every single day via triggered, involuntary, automatic reactions to what happens in your life – reactions that are fundamentally induced by your Egg Marks:

Something happens, and bam! Your Egg immediately robs away your precious energy and uses it in a reaction that it thinks it will eventually protect your well-being and ability to thrive. But the result is rather the opposite:

  • Someone offends you, and you react with rage…
  • Someone threatens you, and you react with fear…
  • Someone dominates you, and you react by withdrawing or barking back like a cornered dog…
  • You overhear someone making a derogatory remark about you, and you immediately revert to the junk food and start eating…
  • You get a bill or your credit card statement, and immediately start panicking, whining, and feeling like a victim… wondering why life has it in for you, and worrying about what kind of trouble is coming up next…

“So what?” you might ask… “I’m only human, aren’t I?”

Well sure. No one is pointing any fingers here. You’re hard-wired in your DNA to react like this.

But are you starting to appreciate the major impact this has on your ability to ‘manifest’ your desires and materialize your goals?

As your energy keeps slip-sliding away into triggered, involuntary, kneejerk reactions every single day… and in being at war with trying to stop that process (presuming you realize it’s happening in the first place)… your ‘Creative Power Budget’ constantly gets depleted… completely beyond your control!

So no wonder you’re not getting the results you want:

You’re not truly invested in them, because your energy is anywhere BUT focused on your intents, goals, and dreams. It’s pulled away into all your various patterns of avoidance and prevention of what you don’t want to happen... even while you think you’re doing everything to “stay positive” and “focus on what you want”.

And this way, your energy is never fully focused on materializing your goals in the ‘now’. And as such…:

Your Egg Turns Your Own Mind – Such A Brilliant Tool To Master
Your Life And Your Environment – Into Your Worst Enemy
In The Pursuit Of Your Goals And Dreams!
“I Regained clarity of thought and got healthier than ever!”

“First of all, I love the style of this material, including the author's humor, and examples and stories I can relate so much to. It’s true that I was familiar with parts of what the material has to say, but I had no clue to put them together as beautifully as this.

One of many advantages the ‘Crack Your Egg’ material has for me is that I can tell the difference each time I apply the techniques (which are so thoroughly laid out in the program) to a specific situation. I can hardly describe how much burden I used to bear unknowingly and unnecessarily up until now, even though I did quite a few various releasing work techniques in the past. As a result, I’ve regained (or gained for the first time in this lifetime?) clarity of thoughts and got healthier than ever.

And that's not all. The author explains so well even how to become aware of even subtle changes in a practical manner… plus, the program contains demonstration videos so that I cannot drop out. It feels like a balanced combination of the intuitive and the evidential/ analytical, with my constantly expanding consciousness as a bonus!

I would highly recommend this program especially for those who have severely suppressed their feelings and intuition, and have a history of self-sabotaging… even if they did for long time. It’s never too late!”


Hopefully by now you see how crucial it is to be aware of your Egg and to know how to ‘crack’ it. But just so there’s no doubt left in your mind, let me give you one more chunk of insight to really hit the point home. Consider this for a moment:

As human beings we don’t just think and feel; we think about our thinking, feel about our feelings, think about our feelings, and feel about our thinking. It’s an amazing characteristic that separates us from animals.

But it can also lead to problems when it starts to serve as a hazard to your emotional well-being and your ability to focus. For example:

Say you’ve been working hard to change your negative thoughts to positive, but you still keep catching yourself having negative thoughts and feelings (a common problem most people face):

  • Now you may get angry with yourself for failing to stick to your intent. But stop for a moment: anger is just as much a negative feeling as the negativity you were trying to get rid of…
  • So now you feel guilty for feeling angry. But wait!
  • Guilt is another negative emotion, so now you feel frustrated by the fact that you’re feeling guilty about feeling angry.
  • But hold it right there! Frustration is yet another negative feeling…
  • And there you go… and this could go on, and on, and ON.

I bet you can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

While you get triggered into one particular ‘negative’ thought or feeling as a kneejerk reaction induced by your Egg Marks… before you know it you’re caught up in an entire vicious cycle of negativity. One emotional state gets wrapped around another, and before long, you won’t
even be able to recall where it all began!

And because this tends to happen beyond your control and awareness, you’re bound to find yourself in energy debt real soon:

Energy Debt:

When you spend more energy than you actually have or get in return on your investments – even if that happens unconsciously or inadvertently – you’ll go into the metaphorical state of ‘energy debt’.

This means you’ll be forced to take out ‘energy loans’ to compensate your shortage:

  • The first place you go to for a loan is your daily ‘Creative Power Budget’. But by doing so, you’ll drain the ‘creative energy’ you have available for the day – your ‘now’. This means you’ll have less energy, presence, inspiration and passion for life… let alone for any new endeavors, projects, or things you want to create and manifest for yourself.

    This may cover you for a while… But once your Creative Power Budget is no longer sufficient to cover your daily requirements and debt, you’ll have to start borrowing energy from other places:
  • A common energy source to tap into next is your social life reserve – your time and connection with friends and loved ones. But as you pull energy from there, your relationships will start to show signs of deterioration, and don’t bring you the energy anymore that they may have before.
  • Once that energy source is drained too, you’ll move on to other areas of your life. And so the cycle continues.

    For instance, when all other energy sources are exhausted, you’ll start to physically pull ‘life force’ energy out of your own body cells. And as a consequence, you’ll experience forms of physical discomfort and ‘dis-ease’ – you’ll catch a cold, get the flu… or if the energy drain continues, more severe illnesses.

So when you make poor choices with your energy investments (subconsciously or not), it doesn’t give any support to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being… let alone to your ability to thrive in life.

In fact, this downward spiral of increasing ‘energy debt’ will literally suck the ‘life’ out of you more and more… until you don’t know what to do anymore, much less have any spirit left to figure it out.

Now believe it or not: While you may think it can’t get much worse… this is all just a tiny blip compared to the REAL crux of the matter, which is the fact that…:

“These Patterns And Vicious Cycles Of ‘Negativity’ Become
Part Of Who You Think You ARE… While Nothing Could Be
Further From The Truth!”
“I never came across anything like this before…”

“Your program is probably the best self-help program in the world in terms of details, quality and uniqueness. In my over 10 years of experimenting with self-help products, I’ve never come across anything like this before. To be honest, what you’re charging for your products is a low price, they should be higher-priced, but I guess you want most people able to afford to buy them. You’re a genius. I don't know how you know so much and how you manage to write so much, you’re a gifted person.”

Abdul M.Q.,
Great Britain

Remember our second principle of “energy traveling along the path of least resistance”, and how it’s hard-wired in you through the process of ‘habituation’? – Well, get this:

They become your new, inner ‘easier paths’ along which your energy will keep getting channeled. And after a while, as this becomes your ‘natural way’, you simply don’t know any better anymore… which of course has dire consequences:

Now you identify with your kneejerk reactions and vicious cycles of ‘negative’ thoughts, feelings, beliefs and problems. So in your perception, they become integrated aspects of your being.

For example, you think:

  • I am a loser…
  • I am just the kind of person who thinks/feels/acts like ‘this’…
  • I don’t have much self-esteem: I never had, so that’s just who I am.
  • I am just not meant to make a lot of money or enjoy a great deal of wealth in my life.
  • I don’t deserve this…
  • Etc.

In reality, these patterns have nothing to do with who you really are. Still, they DO create the mental and emotional atmosphere in which you live and from which you operate. PLUS it all happens on a level completely OUTSIDE of your conscious awareness, making you think this is simply ‘who you are.’ And that way…:

This Mental & Emotional Atmosphere – As Completely Distorted As It May Be – Becomes The Very Fabric Of Your ENTIRE Life Experience… Without You Even Realizing It!

That’s What ‘Living In The Egg’ Is Like…

But of course I wouldn’t be telling you all this if I didn’t have a way out. In fact: All is NOT lost!

Because together, you and I can stop this madness and get you back on track. And answer me honestly:

  • Aren’t you sick and tired of being stuck in a rut and held back in life no matter what you try?
  • Aren’t you tired of your (involuntary) avoidance strategies, mental entanglement and constant negative inner chatter?
  • And isn’t it about time to finally abandon the inner turmoil, claim back your ‘spirit’, and be able to invest yourself fully in materializing your true, genuine goals and dreams?

Sure it is… So let’s do it!

Once and for all, you can learn how to break through your Egg and finally create the results you deserve. But like I said before: you need to make a big shift in perspective. After all:

What Einstein meant was: to a large extent, the way you see your problem IS your problem. And the only real way out is not to fix it, but rather to transcend it.

So the solution is different from what you normally come across, in the sense that it’s not to ‘overcome your problems’. Instead, it’s to ‘crack’ OUT of the entire mind space that’s clearly inadequate for creating the life you want.

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, winning or losing your inner ‘war’ are no longer your only options. In fact, you can simply abandon your battlefield, as if it never existed in the first place.

Because think about it:

While you’ve kept fighting that war in your head trying to ‘focus on the positive’ and ‘get rid of’ whatever inner blocks you thought you had… all the while your life was put on hold, wasn’t it?!

And now each tick of the clock mocks you: one more second just passed of a life not fully LIVED from a mind space of true and genuine fulfillment…

There is a way out of this… but it requires a totally different orientation:

“How To Crack Your Egg”

Remember, Crack Your Egg is not another quick fix. It’s about shifting your entire outlook, consciousness, and ‘ENERGY!’

And mind you… not through cheesy visualizations, positive affirmations, or any of that kind of obsolete or isolated approach.

Instead, ‘Crack Your Egg’ is a full-fledged system to wholeheartedly abandon that inner battlefield … allowing you to claim back all the creative power you have invested in the conflict, and reinvest it into the things and experiences you want to bring into being.

As a by-product of that, you’ll notice that what used to be your problems will simply melt away… NOT because you’ve overcome or beat them down, but as a matter of course… due to the simple fact that you’ve stopped feeding them the energy that kept them alive all this time!

It requires some special skills, but this will be the most profound experience you’ve ever had! It’s all explained in great detail in this this no-nonsense, easy-to-relate-to, mind-blowing course. With it, you will:

  • Discover how you (and every single other human being on this planet) thinks, feels, and acts in accordance with their Egg. You’ll gain an entirely new perspective on life, ‘reality’, and ‘the universe’… unlike anything you’ve been told!
  • Break free once and for all from the subconscious construct of your Egg. Gain the psychological freedom and flexibility to truly choose new options in life, take action on them, and actively create and “attract” new, fulfilling and exhilarating experiences in your life!
  • Stop waiting for life to happen to you. Create your circumstances rather than react to them.
  • Stop subconsciously working against your own aspirations. Finally experience unheard of levels of freedom, fulfillment, creative power, and vibrant passion… free from constraints, inner resistance, and negative mental and emotional entanglement!
  • Get completely aligned, congruent, present, and fully energized. Deliberately enter the elusive state known as ‘the flow’!
  • Break fixed patterns of inadvertent and involuntary ‘energy suck’ and dissolve them forever, as if they never existed in the first place!
  • Create new ‘paths of least resistance’ that are conducive to achieving what you want. Even learn how to make your application of this material and the results that follow virtually inevitable!
  • Internalize all the steps of this full-fledged, step-by-step, no-nonsense system and “set your genie free”, release the magnetic power of your own authenticity, and actualize your true potential in terms of health, wealth, emotional well-being, relationships, and professional success like you’ve never been able before!
  • Discover how to get more and better results from other methods and techniques you may have tried in the past, but that at the time didn’t deliver on your expectations…
  • And much, much more…
Once And For All You Can Learn How To ‘Crack Your Egg’
And Finally Get In The Flow Of CREATING The Results
You’ve Been So Desperately Trying To Achieve!
“Nothing else worked before ‘Crack Your Egg’…”

“Last year my life took a very unexpected turn with external circumstances taking me away from the place and people most dear to me. As a result, many negativities rose up in my mind with many unresolved issues from the past. I tried my best to deal with them, including endless EFT-sessions by myself and with others, but nothing shifted and it felt like I was banging my head against an invisible rock preventing me from moving on and trying to go back on track.

It was all very frightening and frustrating, until I came across the ‘Crack Your Egg’ program. Everything Henk said on the preview was just spot on. I took the leap of faith and started on with the program.

At first, it looked a bit daunting I must confess, but a few encouraging warm mails I received from Henk in answer to my queries convinced me to finally jump into the water. For two weeks I tore my guts out with things from the far and nearer past, all kinds of negative self-belief I had about myself, magnified by my new life circumstances. I was feeling a real shift already during each session I did with myself with ‘Crack Your Egg’.

When the two weeks ended, I noticed that many of these negative self-beliefs where simply gone. This time, EFT also started working where it never did before. It was amazing. As a proof that I was not imagining this, I landed immediately after on a “dream job” – the sort of which I was looking for all my life.

I know nothing else worked before ‘Crack Your Egg’, and it was a wonderful experience to watch those “demons” fade away during each ‘egg-cracking’ session. I therefore recommend it highly. It is not always easy in the moment, but it is extremely rewarding. Good luck to all the people who opt for a fundamental change in their lives, who tried it all and nothing worked. This one will.”

KYL (initials of my Tibetan name given to me by my Lama),

Just so we’re clear, I’m NOT here to give you…:

  • Yet another elementary “Law of Attraction” or ‘manifesting’ course based on pure hype and wishful thinking…
  • One more ‘new’, “supercharged” method…
  • Some rehashed goal-setting procedure…
  • EFT, subliminal messaging, self-hypnosis, meditation, NLP, or another isolated approach…

Instead, the ‘Crack Your Egg Program’ is a well thought-out process and big picture system that connects ALL the dots for you… uncovering crucial information to give you a sensible structure to the sometimes incomprehensible ways of this seemingly absurd “universe” we live in.

You really DO have the ability to alter the course of your life onto the shortest path toward true ‘abundance’ and life mastery. And this material will show you how!

Learn How To ‘Crack Your Egg’:

Don’t Let Your Own Mind Cheat You Into Mediocrity ANY Longer!

To be honest, it’s practically impossible to describe in words the electrifying power that this absolutely mind-blowing pack of wisdom will transfer to you. That’s something you’ll only be able to appreciate through direct experience.

As a consequence, anything I outline below is just a ‘zoomed-out,’ isolated fraction of a full-fledged, holistic method that’s way more than the sum of its parts alone.

But here’s a super-condensed overview of what’s included:

DVD 1: ‘Introduction’

To start, this DVD outlines the best ways to consume the Crack Your Egg Program, to ensure your ultimate success with the materials.

You’ll also learn the five main pitfalls most people fall into when they start a program like this in the hopes of making a positive change, and how to easily overcome and/or avoid them completely.

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it by making these same mistakes I, and many others, have made in the past. Instead, watch this short DVD to put yourself on
the right track immediately!

DVD 2: ‘Quick Start’

Get started on the practical sections of Crack Your Egg as soon as you hit the play button!

Learn how to systematically move forward towards your envisioned results in the most efficient and straightforward way possible. But there’s more:

Gain laser-sharp focus through a comprehensive, but easy-to-follow overview of how all the elements of the program fit together, and discover how to methodically build up your skill to increasing levels of mastery.

In short, this DVD puts you on the fastest track to results!

Module 1: ‘Waking Up’

Discover who you really are, why you are here, and answer the age-old question of: “What the hell is it all about?!”

This module will blow your mind like nothing else has done before. Period. Answer me honestly:

Aren’t you sick of failure, and maybe even feeling like you’ve tried everything to transform your life with no results to show for it – except maybe for a depleted
bank account?

Then the mind-blowing understanding you’ll receive from this module will lift your spirit with jaw-dropping insight on ‘life’ like nothing else I can describe.

Discover the true dynamics behind the process of creating your own reality, without pedantic platitudes and ethereal ramblings, and claim your authentic power to radically reshape your life!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How your Egg steers your beliefs, values, strategies, decisions, likes, and dislikes, and the pivotal, powerful effect it has on the reality you ‘manifest’.
  • The internal process that creates every feeling and every behavior you have, and how to master this process so you can live the exact life you crave.
  • The precise, fundamental reasons for your negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs, and how to have them melt away and dissolve once and for all!
  • The simplest and most straightforward method to become aware of your own Egg and its core elements. PLUS: Shatter it into a million pieces to finally break free from struggle so you can enter the natural flow of life known as ‘the zone’!
  • The 3 Stages of Cracking Your Egg (<-- Don’t forget the third stage like many people do… or you may remain stuck in your virtual shell for good!)
  • The three simple guidelines that will transform not only your own life, but also the entire world from a prison into a paradise – without any self-righteous “thou shalt and shalt-nots” or “holier-than-thou”-mentalities…
  • And so much MORE!

Once you’re ready to Crack Your Egg and break out of your limiting structures, you’ll wholeheartedly appreciate how life can really become effortless, as all your sources of suffering dissolve as if they never existed to begin with.

You’ll finally be ready to create the brighter now – and future – you want for yourself, your family, your business, career, or any other part of life that’s important to YOU!

Module 2: ‘Breaking Free’

Uncover the REAL obstacles standing between you and the amazing life you envision for yourself. Learn how to pull up their root causes, and discard them for good!

The methods you learn in this second Crack Your Egg module are not focused on simply “overwriting” or “replacing” existing belief systems like you’re normally told
to do.


They’re aimed at harmonizing the core breeding ground from which EVERY imbalanced thought, emotion, memory, attitude, belief, etc., that has ever caused you any difficulty, stress, or suffering grows.

Here’s just some what you’ll discover:

  • The #1 elusive trick to ‘stepping out’ of any negative emotional state… instantly!
  • ‘Egg Awareness’: Learn to notice your egg patterns kicking in and discover how to instantly stop them dead in their tracks. Pull your energy back so you can return it to your ‘Creative Power Budget’ and deliberately invest it as you please.
  • The 6-step ‘Egg Identification Procedure’: Use it to nail down and encapsulate the exact inner imbalances and core elements of your Egg that are keeping you from actualizing your goals and dreams, with awe-inspiring accuracy!
  • Learn the entire array of ‘Crack Your Egg’-Techniques: Use these high-impact step-by-step protocols to dismantle, disable and dissolve all of the Egg Elements you discover down to the deepest, core, fundamental level of your subconscious mind and spirit… as if they never existed to begin with!
  • The potential dangers of the prevailing “positive thinking”-mentality (<-- That’s right: discover why most people – even many ‘experts’ – handle unwanted thoughts and feelings completely the wrong way!)
  • How to turn any defeat, failure or discomfort into an equivalent and often far greater benefit!
  • Gain true psychological flexibility so that even catastrophic thinking becomes a source of high voltage power for you!
  • Uncover the ‘final frontier’ in the Crack Your Egg process … and what it means to actually step beyond it!
  • And so much more…

As you identify your own, unique Eggshell structure and simultaneously crack through it, you give yourself the freedom and flexibility to choose new options, take action, and actively create and attract new fulfilling and exhilarating experiences in your life!

And, you’ll learn how to do all this without decades of meditation, hypnosis, synchronizing your brain waves, becoming a hermit, fire walking, sweat lodging, or traveling to a far-east monastery in search of “enlightenment”!

Module 3: ‘The Workbook’, PART 1

Start taking a proactive approach toward creating the life you really want, TODAY!

This workbook builds on the principles outlined in the other components of the program described above, and gives you a step-by-step, practical approach that includes everything you need for your journey toward the ideal life you envision.

Think of it as your virtual coach, motivating you to take action and start Cracking Your Egg in the most efficient and straightforward way possible…

I don’t care about what your dreams are, how you define success, or how much you’ve suffered from self-sabotage or any kind of inner obstacles in the past… Regardless of all that, your new life starts NOW!

Here’s a quick sample of what’s included in this first part of the Workbook:

  • The fascinating, jaw-dropping process of self-revelation that doesn’t merely address your mind, but shifts your entire energy and consciousness!
  • How to engage in the process from 3 angles in order to strengthen and accelerate your ability to break out of your Eggshell structure.
  • The #1 pivot point on which all other things hinge, in order to live a life of genuine fulfillment, happiness, success, contentment and vibrant passion.
  • Powerful strategies for building a solid intent and mindset; get the different areas of your life – ranging from financial, to emotional, to mental, to spiritual, etc. – to flow together seamlessly… (<-- no juggling required!)
  • How to deliberately create personal power, leverage, and momentum, and use it to achieve maximum success in any way, shape, or form you prefer!
  • Finally gain a clear sense of direction and purpose in your life!
  • And much MORE!

This first part of the workbook is setup as a series of simple assignments, through which you’ll learn how to tap into your inner (latent) talents, and dramatically accelerate your progress on your path to success – however it is YOU define it!

The exercises outline the unique concepts and insights you require to make the transformation you desire, while providing you with the practical experience of truly embodying your new knowledge as conveyed through the rest of the program.

Module 3: ‘The Workbook’, PART 2

Customize the Crack Your Egg Program to your own unique needs and requirements (<-- no “one-size-fits-all-cure-it-all” here!).

Gain the emotional maturity you require to be able to deeply embody the new YOU – engaged in life with vibrant passion and supreme creative power!

In this part of the workbook, you get a step-by-step approach to systematically identify the exact inner imbalances that make up your personal Egg, so you can
then methodically remove each and every one of them using the special ‘Crack
Your Egg’-techniques.

In this second part of the Workbook, you’ll discover ways to…:

  • How to spot your own typical ‘Egg Patterns’, and discover which of the 9 Archetypal ‘Egg Filtering Attributes’ take dominance in your Eggshell structure… so you know exactly what’s limiting you, and where
    you need to focus the techniques of the program.
  • Learn to instantly self-correct when you sense your Egg starts to steal away your energy. PLUS: Immediately dig up
    and dissolve the root cause
    for your energy slip-sliding away, and ensure it never happens again!
  • How to recognize the underlying, subconscious imbalances and ‘Egg Elements’ that are unique to YOU… and then methodically remove them from your system!
  • Uncover the link between your most hindering weaknesses and your greatest strengths. (<-- It’s extremely exciting and fiercely empowering to grasp the connection!)
  • Learn to better relate better to other people and understand why they do the things they do, and think the way they think. Become more compassionate with others and never get as frustrated by them as easily as you may have done before! PLUS connect with them better and build a strong network of people that give you the type of support and connection you need in life.
  • How to step into the magnetic power of your ‘authentic self’ by getting closer and closer in touch with your true essence in a systematic, step-by-step fashion!
  • And so much MORE!

This second part of the workbook will help you to not only identify the fundamental imbalances that are causing you to live your less-than-ideal life… but it will also give you unparalleled clarity about other people and the world in general!

It equips you with ‘X-Ray vision’ into your subconscious mind, and laser-sharp tools to break free from your mind’s prison… so you can flow into new and more resourceful strategies that methodically create genuine happiness, inner peace, vibrant passion, and above all: durable fulfillment as YOU define it.

Module 3: ‘The Workbook’, PART 3

Put the techniques you’ve learned together into fully-customized protocols that are completely tailored to YOU… for PERSONALIZED results!

The techniques of this program aren’t just a bunch of tools that are randomly thrown together. Instead, each of them has a specific purpose… PLUS they all build on each other and reinforce each other’s effects.

This third part of the workbook is designed to give you the exact, step-by-step protocols to put the techniques that you learn together into a full-fledged, personalized method!

This way, you ensure that you apply the techniques in a way that harmonize YOUR particular inner imbalances and subconscious blocks… PLUS you make the various techniques that you apply expand on each other and amplify each others’ effects… becoming stronger as they work together… just as they’re designed to do!

Use these personalized, step-by-step protocols to…:

  • Eliminate laziness, procrastination, tiredness and other obstacles from blocking your goals and rediscover your personal, vibrant, ‘life-force energy’!
  • Transcend any problem, burden or trouble you may be experiencing in your life, once and for all!
  • Harness the power of your own mind and keep it laser-focused on what you want to achieve, unlike any other approach you’ve tried in the past!
  • Notice and benefit from the gifts that lie buried under every apparent challenge!
  • Dissolve the negative scripts and emotional roller-coasters that have kept you shackled to mediocrity!
  • Feel confident – make decisions faster and become more efficient!
  • Break addictions and addictive behavior…
  • And so much more…

Once and for all, you’ll be able to dissolve the negative scripts that have kept you shackled to mediocrity, and naturally begin materializing your visions. The protocols of this final part of the Workbook will help you end your fear of failure (and of success!) and all your other worries forever.

Rid yourself of all doubts, fears, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and other obstacles, so you can finally move into your role as the ‘supreme creative force’ in the life that you were always meant to live!

DVD 3: ‘Technique Demonstrations’

Tag along with actual video demonstrations of exactly how to perform all of the ‘Crack Your Egg’-techniques, and eliminate all guesswork on how to put them
into practice.

Tag along with actual video demonstrations of exactly how to perform all of the ‘Crack Your Egg’-techniques, and eliminate all guesswork on how to put them
into practice.

Just copy what you see on-screen, and you can't go wrong!

DVD 4: ‘Egg Filtering Attributes’

Enjoy complete video illustrations of all the various Egg Filtering Attributes, Egg Elements, and Egg Patterns discussed in Module 2 and in PART 2 of the Workbook.

Watching this DVD in conjunction with your practice of PART 2 of the Workbook will greatly contribute to getting as clear as you can possibly get on the Egg Elements that make up your own Eggshell structure.

And this way, it’ll be much your easier to eliminate them from system using the techniques and protocols you've learned on other parts of the program!

So clearly, rather than finding yourself stuck with a mediocre approach, with this program you’ll put yourself on the fast track towards the lasting success, ‘abundance’, and results you long for in life.

This will – quite frankly – blow your mind right open. Dissolve and melt away the ultimate, root causes of your struggles in life – your Egg Marks, and the entire Eggshell structure that has been built on them.

Imagine a clean slate. No inner obstacles. No ‘energetic imbalances’. No limiting beliefs. Just leaving the new, liberated YOU that has the magnetic power, congruence, and focused energy to create whatever it is you truly desire
in life.

“This provides so much more…”

“I'm a self help junkie and over the past one and a half years I've tried out a couple different programs, and I've been trying out different tools and techniques that I learned from the self-improvement arena for a while.

I first bought the ‘Crack Your Egg’ program thinking it was just another self-help program. But after skimming through the whole program, I realized that it provides so much more. It gives you a complete systematic plan, so that you're able to get the results you want in the most efficient and effective way.

So I can still use all the things I learned from other programs and use them with this system to know exactly where I'm heading. For the value you're getting, I really think this program is the best program out there for the price.”

Los Angeles, CA

So now that you know what material is included in the Crack Your Egg program, there’s only one question left to ask:

Now That All Is Said And Done…
Are YOU Ready To ‘Crack Your Egg’ Too?!

It’s sure to be the most profound experience you’ve ever had!

But here’s what you’re probably thinking:

“Sure enough, this all sounds AMAZING! But what’s this thing going to cost me?”

Well, let me ask you this:

What would it be worth to you to finally break through the airy-fairy fluff and get up to speed on this crucial and enormously empowering information?

How do you value a complete change in beliefs, convictions, attitudes, emotional well-being, and a totally transformed life experience that comes as a result? I mean, think of all the changes you could make in
your life if you finally dissolved what has been holding you back all along!

What would that be worth to you?

Thousands of dollars, maybe?


I mean, is it even possible to put a price tag on that?

But that doesn’t matter anyway, because I’m not going to ask you for anywhere near that much…

Why? Because this is information I wholeheartedly believe can get you unstuck. It’ll help you a ton in being able to deliberately create the life you can see yourself living.

I just ask you for a fair investment to both cover my cost in producing this material, and as a more-than-reasonable value exchange for what is really “my life’s work.” That way, at the very least I will know you have some “skin in the game,” and I can be sure that you put the mind-blowing content to honest and sincere use… and don’t just let it collect dust.

Besides, you’re always protected by my iron-clad money-back guarantee. So I’m shouldering all the risk here. If you don’t think this material adds value to your life, then just let me know, and you’ll get back your entire investment.

But look:

Our paths have intersected today because you have this intuitive notion that you’re capable of more… much more… And you’re looking for new ways to reach your highest potential. More than anything else I know of, THIS program can help you do just that.

So Here’s The Deal:

If you’re a person who genuinely wants to succeed, and you’re truly willing to implement what I share, then let’s begin. I’ll give you everything I have to share what I know about ‘Cracking Your Egg’ and becoming the supreme creative force in your life… with all the benefits that brings.

As part of that - because I have made it my mission to over-deliver on every product I offer - I’ll also give you two bonus gifts to enhance the already remarkable content I’m offering in this program.

And mind you: these are not some worthless materials that I’m adding for the mere sake of being able to offer you a ‘bonus’. Let me tell you what I’m including for you:

Bonus #1:
‘Reflections & Protocols’

First of all, this manual gives you insight into parts of my personal past. That includes some ‘ugly stuff’ that I’m really not too proud of, but that puts the things you learn on the rest of the program into an even clearer and more tangible perspective than they already are.

Understanding my journey will help you tremendously in deeply internalizing the concepts of the program, and will make it easier to put all its components to work
for you!

And furthermore, you’ll get additional, complete and detailed protocols for using the Crack Your Egg Techniques, with laser-sharp focus on specific, core areas of life you may be struggling with, or that you’d like to drastically improve.

The main focus is on the areas of financial abundance, physical health, emotional well-being and relationships, but you’ll be able to use these protocols to support practically any aim you might have in life, including to…:

  • Dissolve underlying, unconscious stress and imbalance that may lie at the root of physical ‘dis-ease’…
    Please note: I’m not making any wild, dishonest claims or guarantees here… This just happened for me and for others too… which proves it’s possible!
  • Thrive in the midst of change…
  • Heal adverse and counterproductive emotional patterns that control you, and that suck the ‘life force energy’ out
    of you into destructive states of ‘Energy Debt’…
  • Break free from addictions and addictive behavior…
  • Heal destructive “cellular memories”…
  • And so much more…

But that’s not all! Here’s the other thing you get:

Bonus #2:
The Entire Series Of Follow-Up Lessons
To Help You MASTER ‘Crack Your Egg’!

As you’ve probably realized already, this is not one of those programs that throws you into the deep end and doesn’t care if you sink or swim. You’re really not left to your own devices in figuring out what to do or what comes next when putting the material into practice.

This follow-up series is a step-by-step Master Plan designed to keep you on track, and walk you through a carefully-crafted, structured approach that consistently takes you to increasing levels of mastery and optimized results.

Essentially, I’ll be taking you by the hand over the next couple of weeks (even months!) to help you accomplish more and more mind-blowing feats. For example, you’ll learn how to:

  • Deeply ingrain the concepts and skills you learn in the program, so they become second nature to you, and thus extremely simple and almost inevitable to apply.
  • Dig deeper and deeper within yourself to uncover even your most hidden and stubborn inner imbalances, attachments, discomforts and, emotional ties and knots.
  • Advanced tricks to dissolve all your imbalances and take them out of your system permanently to step back into your natural state of true freedom that you may not have experienced for a long, long time.
  • Make special ‘tweaks’ and ‘adjustments’ to your practice of this material to dissolve any self-sabotage and inner negativity.
  • And lots more! (<-- I’ll even keep adding to this series based on questions I receive!)

As you diligently follow the instructions of these lessons and gradually ingrain the information, concepts and shifts you learn, the more you’ll keep breaking through to new levels of mastery and self-actualization!

So now that all is said and done, all that’s left for you to do now is to…:

Make the Move to ‘Crack Your Egg’
And Access the Limitless Possibilities
That Your Life Truly Has To Offer!

When you invest in the ‘Crack Your Egg Program’ today, you take your first step toward discovering how to get to the source of your frustrations and break through it, so you can FINALLY get unstuck and ‘in the flow’ of deliberately creating the life experience you envision for yourself.

And to facilitate you in the best way I can, I’ve made this information available in three different versions to best fit your needs, learning style and preferences.

Get started by picking any one of the options below that you prefer – just click on the one you like best:

And don’t worry about any hidden upsells, because there won’t be any. Whichever package you choose, you’ll get the complete system! No additional stuff necessary…

Look, there’s nothing I’d like more than to help you experience your BEST life. So let’s make this happen!

Choose your favorite option above to get started today, and discover exactly how to get unstuck and break free… once and for all!

Thanks for being part of this, my friend… And I look forward to welcoming you on the other side!

All the best,

Henk J.M. Schram

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In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer testimonials we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefit from using this product. There are many factors of influence to take into consideration. The generally expected performance of the Crack Your Egg Program in regards to any specific disease or life condition has not been scientifically validated, and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any 'miracle cures'.