From the desk of Henk J.M. Schram
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dear friend,

To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to write you this letter… Because I didn’t want to come off like I had turned into one of those folks you see grinning on the cover of self-help books…

But my introverted nature shouldn’t stand if the way of your happiness and ability to thrive in life… which makes it my duty to ask you:

How would you like to undergo one of the most profound and liberating experiences ever created that could swiftly transform your life into the joyful, worry-free and fulfilling experience of happiness, abundance and inner peace you always dreamed of?

Suspend any disbelief for a moment, and think carefully before you answer… because saying “yes” could mean your life will change forever…:

  • If you’re not ready to rid your life of negativity, stress, anxiety, guilt, frustration, regret, or lack of success… and you prefer to hold onto the attitudes and habits that hold you back from living the life you always wanted… then kindly pass this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on to someone else.
  • But if you crave a meaningful life, characterized by inner peace, passion and purpose… and free from the self-defeating fears and beliefs that keep you from realizing your true potential…
  • … then please read on as I explain how you can swiftly overcome the one true thing that’s holding you back from creating the happiness, success and abundance you desire.

And it’s not what you think it is!

Here’s What This Is NOT:

Just so we’re clear – I’m not here to tell you old news:

  • This is not another set of Law of Attraction ‘secrets’ that are supposed to “magically manifest everything you desire”… (although the effects of what you’re about to learn can certainly seem magical!)
  • We’re not talking about “supercharged” affirmations, guided visualizations, or rehashed goal-setting procedures…
  • Then it must be a new set of of subliminal messaging, self-hypnosis, and brainwave entrainment audios, right? Actually no, that's not what this is either…
  • Nor will you need to sit through hours and hours of meditation for this to work, hoping for the life-changing insights and breakthroughs you’ve been longing for…
  • And just in case you were wondering - this isn’t about long-winded, off-the-shelf tapping, humming, or chanting sessions either.

Wonderful as all these tools may be…

… they won’t completely free you from the negative thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, emotions and self-sabotage that have been robbing your energy and inspiration, and blocking your ability to create the life you want…

at least not without the ‘secret’ I’m about to reveal to you.

And of course, I fully realize that…

This May Fly Directly In The Face Of
Everything You’ve Been Told About
How To Create The Abundant, Joyful
And Worry-Free Life You Long For…

Maybe you’ve tried some (or all) of the tools and programs out there… but like me, only ended up still struggling with the same issues as before… despite all your best efforts and total competence to overcome them.

As you’re about to learn, that’s mainly because using them by themselves is like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks:

There’s no plan behind the tunnel-vision focus of all those singular, hit-or-miss strategies… no underlying structure… no bigger picture understanding behind mere blind hope for magical salvation.

And without notable results from all your efforts… let alone knowing the real reason you seem stuck in stagnation… I know how easy it is to get discouraged and settle for much less in life than you’re really capable of (and genuinely deserve).

However, rest assured…

It’s NOT Your Fault:

If things don’t seem to work out as you expected or hoped for, that doesn’t mean you “just don’t have it in you,” or that the universe has designated you a victim of life. Instead:

Like so many other good people (including many experts), you’ve missed the crucial insight that – once understood correctly – will catapult you on the path to your dreams:

Because as crazy as it may sound at first…

Your Lack Of Happiness,
Success And Abundance
Is Hard-Wired In Your Own DNA

Allow me to explain… It starts by understanding two parts of your biological circuitry that all of us are born with…

Biological Rule #1:
“Maintain Balance”

We’re all driven in life as the result of a biologically hard-wired urge to resolve tension and restore balance. Think about it:

  • When you’re hungry, you’ll look for food to eat.
  • When a pack of wild animals comes running aggressively in your direction, you’ll do what you can to find some form of safety.
  • When you feel insecure for not having enough money, you’ll seek ways to bring in more resources to get by (or live more simply).

In short: whenever we’re under some kind of strain – whether stressed, bored, in danger, or otherwise uncomfortable – we’ll automatically feel encouraged to resolve that tension and bring it back to balance.

“Encouraged how?”

By means of emotions that are generated by a part of your brain called the ‘limbic system.’ To that end, its most significant part – the amygdala – constantly scans for potential danger or pleasure:

  • If it detects potential pleasure – like when you see a nice piece of pie while you’re hungry – it automatically fires a positive emotion that basically tells you: “Go ahead and get it!”
  • If it sees potential pain or danger – like a wild animal ready to assault you – it automatically fires a negative emotion that basically tells you: “Stay away from it!” (flee), “attack it” (fight), or “don’t move until it passes” (freeze).

Your brain’s ‘limbic system’ automatically fires emotions, designed to modify your behavior through metaphorical ‘punishment’ and ‘reward:’

  • An emotion that feels bad is the inner ‘punishment’ that encourages you to fight against or flee from a (potentially) upsetting situation… or cease the kind of behavior that caused it. On the other hand:
  • An emotion that feels good is the inner ‘reward’ that encourages you to maintain a (potentially) pleasurable situation… or repeat the kind of behavior that caused it.

But that’s not where the crucial impact of your biological hard-wiring ends…

There’s a second embedded rule as well, which – as you’ll see – has major ramifications:

Biological Rule #2:
“Remember Intense Emotions”

We’re all neurologically designed to store and remember emotionally charged events.

Think about how you probably don’t remember mundane affairs like what you had for lunch three and a half weeks ago… but do have vivid recollection of highly emotional times, like a robbery, childbirth, a wedding or break-up, or even a major historical event like 9/11.

Whether delightful or traumatic, such intense emotional arousal gets etched into your neurology… making the originating experience part of what psychologists call your so-called ‘implicit memory.’

For eons, this is how the human species has been learning from its behavior to stay alive. It’s pretty straightforward to see how – for example:

  • When you blindly walk into a busy road and almost get hit by a truck, you’ll experience a highly upsetting emotion that leaves you feeling alarmed and jolted by the incident.
  • As a result, the next time you’re about to cross the road, you’ll automatically remember to be much more careful and wary of the traffic. In other words: lesson learned!

This phenomenon is known as ‘psychological imprinting:’


Your neurology stores intense emotional arousal… both highly pleasurable feelings, but in particular also fierce emotional upset.

The result is a neurologically embedded “snapshot” of the originating event - it archives what you were thinking and feeling at the time, as well as everything that was happening surrounding the event.

This ‘imprint’ then serves as a memory designed to impact your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior for the rest of your life:

  • In case of a positive imprint, your brain will keep seeking opportunities to relive the originating pleasure. But perhaps more notably:
  • In case of a negative imprint, it will seek to avoid and prevent situations that might cause similar upset as before – so that you’ll never put yourself “in harm’s way” like that again.

Now essentially, there’s nothing wrong with these hard-wired mechanisms…

In fact, they form a wonderful unconscious system that lets us spontaneously learn from our behavior and live freely and fully… without blindly or repeatedly doing things that threaten our very survival and well-being.

However, if you’re anything like most people…:

This Hard-Wiring Can Unknowingly Turn
Your Own Mind Against Your Desire For
Happiness, Success And Abundance!

To understand how, consider how your brain doesn’t consider the actual facts of what happens in your life as much as the emotions it generates:

  • As you just learned, the creation of a psychological imprint simply requires an intense enough emotional reaction, nothing more. So get this:
  • The intensity of an emotional reaction depends almost exclusively on your brain’s perception of what’s happening. In other words:
  • It’s not the reality of the situation that’s at issue… but rather your brain’s interpretation of it!

And here’s why that’s so crucial to realize:

Technically, hefty emotional reactions can occur any time and any number of times in your life… But you’ll understand they most typically do when you’re already vulnerable!

After all, that’s when your brain is most likely to ring its emotional alarm bells louder than the facts of the situation might actually call for.

And like it or not…

YOU Have Been Subject To This TOO:

That’s because just like every single human being, you too have been off your guard and sufficiently vulnerable at times:

Think About It:

The most ‘off your guard’ you’ve probably ever been,
was when you were a young and innocent child:

Back then you hadn’t yet built the psychological coping resources you may have today. So even small matters could have felt highly intimidating at the time… (And that’s not to speak of any actual danger, or unfortunate cases of psychological or physical abuse!)

Likewise, you’ve been vulnerable later in life too. Because let’s face it:

  • Who wasn’t told, at one point, that they weren’t good enough?
  • Who hasn’t been flat-out rejected… either by a parent, a grade-school crush, a company CEO, a loan officer, or someone else?
  • Perhaps you’ve had a bad example in your parents or teachers when it comes to handling yourself around money or relationships, and now show up in a way that doesn’t lead to the results you seek, despite your best intentions…
  • And who hasn’t had to scrape themselves off the floor after a failure of some kind, and muster up the motivation to keep going against all odds?

I know I have… And like many others, you may have had even tougher experiences… (heaven forbid any actual danger, or potential unfortunate cases of psychological or physical abuse!)

So it doesn’t matter if it was fear, rejection, resentment, guilt, loss of control, rage, shame, or anything else you felt… or how trivial it may now seem in retrospect…

And it could have been anything a person said to you, did to you… or even something you’ve only seen or imagined happening that was upsetting enough at the time…

The bottom-line is this:

  • We all have unconscious imprints of past situations that our brain responded to with excessive emotion at the time. And as you’re about to discover:
  • Those imprints still affect your happiness, success and abundance more than you probably realize!

But before I explain how, first brace yourself for the real kicker:

It’s Not Even Just Your Own ‘Baggage’
That’s Weighing You Down Today:

Did you know that science has demonstrated you can actually inherit such imprints from past generations? That’s right:


Recent research from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta reveals that it’s possible for information about stressful experiences to be passed on to subsequent generations through DNA.

As one example:

  • During tests with mice, scientists exposed them to alarming circumstances to create a fear response, while simultaneously releasing the smell of cherry blossoms. And here’s what was so amazing:
  • Subsequent generations of mice, who had never experienced those stressful incidents themselves, also experienced fear in reaction to smelling cherry blossoms!

In other words:

The fear that was experienced by the earlier generation had been passed down to the next through their DNA… and got triggered by circumstances that reminded their brain of the originating event!

So What Does That Mean For You?

Well, for example:

If your parents or grandparents experienced some kind of hardship, struggle, shame, loss, break-up, poverty, persecution, war, depression, or any kind of other significantly stressful events before you were conceived… the resulting imprints could have been passed on to YOUR DNA!

That means their emotional baggage is subconsciously keeping your mind/body-system on high alert! In other words:

You may be walking through life not even realizing that you’re subconsciously on the constant look-out for circumstances that remind your brain of old conclusions made by someone else’s… about people, wealth, yourself, or life in general… such as:

  • “Life is a struggle…”
  • “The world is a dangerous place…”
  • “There’s not enough – not enough resources like money, time, information…”
  • “There’s no help, I’m all alone…”
  • “No one can be trusted…”
  • “I have to be perfect…”
  • Etc.

It’s obvious what an an enormous impact this has on YOUR mindset, focus, attitudes, motivations and behaviors… while you may not even consciously realize this is happening!

In fact, believe it or not…:

This ‘Evolutionary Glitch’ Causes The
Exact Mental Strain, Emotional Stress And
Subconscious Blocks That Keep Your
Happiness, Success And Abundance At Bay!

It doesn’t matter if these ‘imprints’ are actually your own or inherited from someone else… Either way, they will impact your brain’s interpretation of your current life events!

Because here’s what happens the moment your brain is reminded of these latent memories:

  • Sudden flashes of what was experienced during the originating event rush into your consciousness… instantly making you experience the same disconcerting feelings that originally accompanied it.
  • In other words, you immediately RELIVE the inner stress, strain and distorted interpretations made at the time… either by your own brain or that of some forerunner in your family tree.
  • And that’s what gives rise to the specific negative beliefs, wants, fantasies, compulsions, obsessions and/or addictions that not only keep you from manifesting your true desires… but also hinder the growth of your strong qualities, and even block your passion, purpose, and sense of (spiritual) connection in life!

So contrary to popular belief, these negative beliefs, emotions and thoughts are not the cause of your happiness, success, or abundance in life… Instead:

They’re only the effect – the automatic offshoot of something much more fundamental and deeply unconscious that you probably never even considered… but that’s still negatively affecting your ability to live the life you crave!

And that means…

Like most people, you might be looking
in the wrong place for solutions!

It’s these deeply buried, usually unconscious and often highly imbalanced parts of your psyche that really keep you cross-wired and stuck… In fact:

They’re so sensitive, that the slightest little thing can throw you off balance… leaving you thinking, feeling and acting out of pure, thoughtless reflex rather than personal power, balance and poise… handling yourself in ways that often hurt your happiness, success and abundance more than they grow it…

For example:

  • This is how the fears and insecurities you experienced as a young kid can completely mess up your current ability to have a healthy relationship or attract a soul mate… even if you’re well into your adult years.
  • This is why you may be totally oblivious to why you experience such intense emotions and paralyzing beliefs around money and wealth, even if you already know they actually keep you from manifesting abundance…
  • This is why you can’t seem to get a grip on your mind and innate ability to create the joyful, happy and worry-free emotional life you long for… no matter how much you try to “focus on the positive.”
  • Indeed, even your health can suffer from these imprints in the form of stress-related disease… while you may not even know the real source of the inner tension that’s ultimately causing it.

And that’s how…

Your Own ‘Genetic Inheritance’ Creates
The Inner Constriction That Actually
Keeps Your Goals And Dreams At Bay!

Completely outside of your awareness, your brain constantly scans for potential circumstances that might stimulate your self-made or inherited imprints… or whatever else it deems wrong in your life. And this way…:

  • As opposed to acting as your own source of happiness, success and abundance, and coming from personal power, balance and poise… you unknowingly you stay on the permanent look-out for (potential) problems… despite any superficial attempts to “think positive,” “focus on what you want,” and “take inspired action”…
  • As an automatic side-effect of that, you constantly let the circumstances of an ever-changing world dictate your thoughts, feelings, intentions and behavior… which puts them in control and you at their mercy…
  • And all the while that you’re frenetically trying to prevent issues, solve problems and alleviate pet peeves, you never manage to materialize the results you dream of… because you constantly put your life on hold and never wholeheartedly live it.
  • Worst of all: as this becomes your habitual mode of being, you begin to believe that “this is just how life is,” “you just don't have it in you,” and “true happiness, success or abundance is just not in your cards”…

Nothing could be further from the truth… yet can see how this pretty much ‘seals the deal’ on your perceived powerlessness:

  • In reality, these self-concepts, worldviews and conclusions about life have nothing to do with who you really are, what you’re really capable of, or the wonderful potential that life has in store for you…
  • Still, they do create the mental and emotional atmosphere from which you live and act…

In fact:

This ‘Prison For Your Mind’ Creates
An Obscene Kind Of Spiritual Confinement
That I Like To Symbolize As An ‘Egg:’

Unconsciously, this becomes the lens through which you see yourself and experience everything in your life:

  • It’s like living in a small, constricting capsule that tells you what you can and cannot do - that you’re not smart enough, not wanted, not pretty or handsome enough… that you don’t have the knowledge, skills, or talent… or that you don’t deserve to have the happiness, success, or abundance you want.
  • It’s got you trapped inside and seemingly separated from the world, the universe and other people… limiting your capabilities, and shutting down your possibilities… because you think and act out of conditioned reflex rather than personal power.
  • It blinds you from the magnificence you really have inside and the incredible potential that you just can’t see about yourself… all because your view gets perverted by automatically triggered negativity and false conclusions about life.
  • And worst of all: you may not even realize you’re stuck in this rut!

As completely distorted as it may be, this mental and emotional atmosphere becomes the very fabric of your entire life experience.

And unfortunately, if you don’t realize what I’m telling you today…

No Popular ‘Self-Help’ Tool Is Up To
The Task Of Solving This For You Without
The ‘Secret’ I’m About To Reveal…

That’s because all those difficult emotions, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts you’re always told are the problem are not the true source of your inability to have the happiness, success, or abundance you long for…

Instead, they’re merely the effects… the surface symptoms that are constantly triggered by your own genetic and neurological hard-wiring… and that keep you stuck in limitation and stagnation.

Try as you might to “get rid of them,” “kill them,” “ward them off,” or blame it all on some malicious “ego”…

But they’ll always sit tight or come back in one way or the other, as long as the breeding ground from which they sprout and grow doesn’t change.

Until then, you’re stuck in that ‘Egg’ - the mental and emotional prison that vigilantly keeps you from living the life you crave…

Just Like “An Egg Is Easily Cracked,”
The Right Tools And Strategies Can
Swiftly Set You Free And Turn The
Winds Of Fate In Your Favor!

Of course, I wouldn’t be telling you all this if there weren’t a way out. Because together, you and I can put a stop to this madness - which is the whole reason I wrote you this letter!

Look – obviously you can’t change what has happened in the past… but you CAN completely rewire your entire mind/body-system for a better future. And in that process, you can adopt any new characteristics, beliefs and abilities to manifest your personal vision of happiness, success, or abundance.

It just requires a different approach than what you’ve been taught:

That’s Why I Refer To This Life-Affirming Process
Of Personal Rebirth And Transformation
As “Cracking Your Egg”…
And It’s Easy To Learn How To Do It!

Look – I realize the ‘Egg’-imagery may seem a bit silly, but there’s a “method to this madness”… a process that will put you on the shortest path to getting your whole self aligned, in synch and engaged in creating the life you long for - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

In fact, I’ve condensed all my decades of painstaking research, trial & error, discovery, and fine-tuning into a straightforward set of instructional manuals and videos that you can put to work immediately:

This is radically different from what you might have grown accustomed to… Because rather than staring ourselves blind on single ‘hit-or-miss’ strategies, in this process we’ll take a much more flexible and methodic approach.

For that, the method revolves around 4 distinct, yet naturally interlocking phases:

Here’s A Snapshot
Of How It Works:


Best results require that your entire mind/body-system is fully aligned and engaged in the fulfillment of your goals… which doesn’t happen with visualizations, goal-setting, affirmations, or even meditation alone…

That’s why Phase #1’s Power Zone Virtuosity™-process immediately forces your whole self to align on all its levels, and freely flow towards your dreams. We’ll make this work even if you have no idea where to start, or don’t know what you really want yet –- we’ll figure that out too!

Like a snowball rolling downhill, the ever-growing momentum you’ll build this way will soon make you unstoppable… And by then, we’ll just be getting started, as Phase #1 naturally transitions you into…


Your engagement in Phase #1 will force any self-sabotating patterns that might still be weighing you down to kick in and reveal themselves. So rather than having to guess what they are or search for them, now you’ll know your exact inner imbalances to harmonize:

For that, Phase #2 equips you with the Crack-Through Clout™-skillset – a unique combination of tools and protocols that not only neutralize their immediate impact on you, but also dissolve their root causes at the deepest possible, subconscious levels (including those “inherited DNA imprints”).

As a natural result, you’ll come out a different person:

Where before you may have blamed, shamed, stressed out, stopped, hit a threshold, and looped back… now you’re rooted in the personal power, balance and poise that not only allows you to manifest your existing desires, but also to reach for new and even more exciting goals!

And that smoothly moves you into…


The inevitable progress, growth and paradigm shifts triggered in Phase #1 and #2 will automatically level-up your intentions, aspirations and desires. (Just think of how inspired and alive you feel, now that you can begin to reach for even greater joy, connection, or success than you considered possible before!)

That’s why we’ll now augment your Power Zone Virtuosity™ and Crack-Through Clout™ with special power enhancements to help you bring forth your next-level desires for happiness, success and abundance.

This sets you out on an upward spiral of ever-expanding joy, prosperity and growth… Yet if you want, the process harbors even greater potential for you in…


Even if you’re not yet where you want to be, still feel blocked, or have already conceived of bigger dreams for a next level… Phase #4’s ‘True You’ Transcendence Map™ guides you into a whole new level of understanding about yourself and what you’re really capable of, by helping you…:

  • Gain deep insight into your own unique Egg Patterns – the typical coping strategies, defense mechanisms, and patterns of thought, feeling, attitude and action that are keeping your biggest life goals and dreams at bay…
  • Peel away your own unique Egg Filtering Attributes – your personal blend of core limiting beliefs, prime worriments, underlying drives, and motivating ‘reasons why’ behind your patterns of thought, feeling, attitude and action you may not have known about yourself…
  • Reveal and unfold your hidden strengths, passions, and your ‘life purpose,’ from a place where you probably never thought to look…
  • Unleash new levels of personal power, insight and inspiration that you probably would have kept yourself blind to without the guidance of this map…
  • And much more…

As you can see, this complete process lays out all the steps to master your mind, soul, personal power, passion and purpose…

… so you can finally create the brighter future you want for yourself, your family, your business, career, health, relationship, or any other part of your life… no matter what that looks like for you, or what obstacles you currently face.

Best of all: you can apply this 4-Phase Process for the rest of your lifeANY time you want to level-up a certain area of your life, or achieve something new faster and with more confidence and impact.

Here’s What I’m Sending You Today:

I’ve neatly organized my years of experience practicing and teaching this process in an awesome self-driven training program that looks like this:

You’ll get everything you need (and more) to learn this unique method as fast and efficiently as possible, including…:

  • Specially-developed quick start videos that get you acquainted with the core ‘Crack Your Egg’-concepts as quickly as possible… so you can immediately put yourself on the fast track to manifesting the life you crave… without first having to do lots of study.
  • The Crack Your Egg Method Guidebook, which takes you by the hand along every step of the process… so you can break free from what has really been keeping you stuck in limitation and stagnation, and finally create the rich, joyful and worry-free life you were meant to live.
  • The Egg-illustration videos that give you deep insight into the real reasons your life is where it is now – the exact inhibiting patterns and imprints that hold up your ‘Egg’… so you’ll know exactly where to apply the tools and techniques to make your inner ‘prison walls’ tumble down and fully unleash your personal power.
  • The technique demonstration videos that show you exactly how to perform each of the techniques and protocols we use on the process… so you can eliminate all guesswork and know the precise steps to put them to work for you.
  • The two Crack Your Egg Support Manuals, with all the enlightening insights that radically update everything you thought you knew about ‘life, the universe and everything’… so you can finally let go of all the false beliefs that have been poisoning your life, and freely choose the new options that will swiftly manifest the new reality you crave.

This science-based, heart-centered, and soul-liberating program is truly unique in its kind, and helps you elevate every aspect of yourself and your life… so you can finally create the abundance, joy and success you’ve always desired (and truly deserve).

And if that sounds I’m exaggerating, then by all means - don’t take MY word for it…

This Is The Exact System That Helped
People Just Like You Break Free
And Finally Thrive:

“I’ve gone much broader and deeper than before…”

“I was aware I had limiting beliefs holding me back from progressing with what I consider to be my life's work. So when ‘Crack Your Egg’ became available I ordered it immediately.

I worked through the program with very positive results. I'm on my right path now and giving it my all. Even though I already practiced a different healing and releasing modality (EFT), the Crack Your Egg Program widened my awareness and guided me safely to go much broader and deeper than before.

I love the way the author explains the program in everyday language that really speaks to me. He gets to the core of the matter from a deep knowledge base, which in my case tips me into true belief and this then allows the system work for me.

Not only that, when I ran into a technical issue and later on had questions, these were quickly and helpfully answered. I recommend the Crack Your Egg Program completely and without reservation.”

New Zealand

“It seemed at times almost miraculous…”

“Your course is fantastic - it hits the mark in every respect, is extremely comprehensive, answers so many of my previously unanswered questions about how my mind/body operates and has been an invaluable resource in my journey back to a more authentic self and way of living.

I love reading and rereading the material and have implemented the protocols with great effect. It has been one of the very few ‘personal development’ courses I've bought that actually gives value for money. I have found in the course immensely valuable information and practical applications that I can use for the rest of my life.

Some really ‘lucky’ things have been happening since I started cracking that pesky egg of mine. I’ve come across resources and people that are exactly what I need right now to move forward. Even for a cynic like me, it has seemed at times almost miraculous.

Again, thank you so much for your course and its invaluable insights and tools. Thank you so much for all your effort in putting it together, it has been very much appreciated.”

Samantha Mainardi
Melbourne, Australia

“I have found it -- this is IT!”

“This is a very complete program taking anyone from wherever they are to wherever they want to be.

We’ve all heard similar claims for other products, I’ve tried many of them over many years. None I’ve found can do what this one has been able to do half as much as this one -- and certainly not as easily / elegantly / efficiently.

Whether it’s general personal development, law of attraction, hypnosis, energy work of any kind... They were always missing whatever that 'something' is that was going to let it work completely for ME.

Now when I work towards my goals, I know that ALL parts of me are ‘on the same page’ and working together. No longer do I ever again bang into those invisible walls that I didn't even know were there before (but definitely felt their effects). For me, that is absolutely priceless.”

Daniel S.
San Mateo, California

“Am I Ever Glad I Plunged In!”

“I was hesitant at first to try yet another one of those programs where you get all this great motivational information but then fail to act on it once you leave the house.

Your program made me so aware of all of the hidden computer like viruses that were running amuck in my brain and yet I was so unaware of. The highs and lows were exhausting and kept me constantly asking myself what the heck was wrong with me?!

I decided to take the plunge. And wow, am I ever glad that I did!

I followed your instructions to the T. I set my intentions on a new job: I needed to get out of the house and wanted something that I could enjoy, share my personality, and make some good money to boot.

The very first person I contacted offered me a job. But it gets better because the 2nd person also offered me a job and now I even had a choice between two really cool opportunities. I chose the second job and I now work in the design center for an awesome builder here in Arizona.

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Also, an opportunity to own a business was presented to my husband and I and because I wasn’t living in fear of losing everything, we took the plunge on that also. We now own 4 franchise locations of a pool supply/cleaning company in the Phoenix east valley. The potential is huge and now my husband who recently retired has something to occupy his time also.

I highly recommend to anyone who is remotely considering this program to just do it. Thank you so much!!!!”

Marian Marshall
Chandler, AZ

“Clarity of thought and healthier than ever!”

“First of all, I love the style of this material, including the author's humor, and examples and stories I can relate so much to. It’s true that I was familiar with parts of what the material has to say, but I had no clue to put them together as beautifully as this.

One of many advantages the ‘Crack Your Egg’ material has for me is that I can tell the difference each time I apply the techniques (which are so thoroughly laid out in the program) to a specific situation. I can hardly describe how much burden I used to bear unknowingly and unnecessarily up until now, even though I did quite a few various releasing work techniques in the past. As a result, I’ve regained (or gained for the first time in this lifetime?) clarity of thoughts and got healthier than ever.

And that's not all. The author explains so well even how to become aware of even subtle changes in a practical manner… plus, the program contains demonstration videos so that I cannot drop out. It feels like a balanced combination of the intuitive and the evidential/ analytical, with my constantly expanding consciousness as a bonus!

I would highly recommend this program especially for those who have severely suppressed their feelings and intuition, and have a history of self-sabotaging… even if they did for long time. It’s never too late!”

Keiko S.,

“Brilliant delivery in explanations, facts, and techniques!”

“I had been in a state of overwhelm and depression for some time. And although I was familiar with tapping, meditation, visualization, and so on for much of my adult life, most things were not very effective for the long term.

‘Crack Your Egg’ has awakened me because of your sincere and REAL writing style – sharing experiences with explanations and scientific facts that do apply for a change.

RESONATING to your brilliant delivery in words, explanations, facts and techniques, I am awakened to my stuffed, stuck emotions and unconscious beliefs… and I am now in the process of moving forward thanks to your ‘Crack Your Egg’ materials.

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It was all very frightening and frustrating, until I came across the ‘Crack Your Egg’ program. Everything Henk said on the preview was just spot on. I took the leap of faith and started on with the program.

At first, it looked a bit daunting I must confess, but a few encouraging warm mails I received from Henk in answer to my queries convinced me to finally jump into the water. For two weeks I tore my guts out with things from the far and nearer past, all kinds of negative self-belief I had about myself, magnified by my new life circumstances. I was feeling a real shift already during each session I did with myself with ‘Crack Your Egg’.

When the two weeks ended, I noticed that many of these negative self-beliefs where simply gone. This time, EFT also started working where it never did before. It was amazing. As a proof that I was not imagining this, I landed immediately after on a “dream job” – the sort of which I was looking for all my life.

I know nothing else worked before ‘Crack Your Egg’, and it was a wonderful experience to watch those “demons” fade away during each ‘egg-cracking’ session. I therefore recommend it highly. It is not always easy in the moment, but it is extremely rewarding. Good luck to all the people who opt for a fundamental change in their lives, who tried it all and nothing worked. This one will.”

KYL (initials of my Tibetan name given to me by my Lama),

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    For that, you’ll get specialized insights and protocols to help dissolve the specific harmful beliefs and psychological tendencies that kill your effectiveness and ease with money and wealth.
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